Pre-Launch Editorial Shoot

Danielle- Tanzania- 1st skirt ever made.jpg

2017 has been a magical year for me. It has been a time of cherishing the things that matter most in life and creating new beginnings.

After many years of working as an actress and model, I felt the time had come in my life to expand my horizons and grow in a different direction. My first trip to Tanzania left me with a desire to contribute differently, to forge deeper connections. Love + Kind became a reality this year and my life is brighter and more fulfilling every day. A feeling I hope to share with you all.

We started the year off with a very productive trip to Tanzania. We brought our dear friend, designer Irina Samakova to lead our team in a 40-hr workshop where they were introduced to our first official pattern and learned advanced sewing techniques and quality control assessment. We also had extensive conversations around empowerment, inspiration and what it truly means to serve your community. We were all moved by our visits to other local organizations “making good things happen” such as Neema Crafts and Matumaini Centre for Women. 


By Memorial Day, another creation was in the works! I found out that I was pregnant and Jim and I are expecting a baby in January 2018. There is no greater expression of our love than the creation of Love + Kind and our baby girl on the way. 

A few weeks later, we did the Fall/ Winter photo shoot. I will always remember this one out of the many of my life. It was my first shoot as a mother and knowing that I was carrying a life inside of me is the most precious feeling I have ever experienced. Being wrapped in skirts all day that were made with love and pride by women who I connected with on a very deep level enhanced the experience. 

This collection is about love, creation and inspiration. It’s about women and the magic that we share. It’s about taking care of ourselves and our communities because we are all one family. It’s about celebrating what makes us unique and different, shining our light so that we can build a better future for generations to come. 


JD Boujnah