Elle Wrap Skirt

Elle Wrap Skirt


After browsing the local markets, for eye catching, special prints, our locally curated fabric is delivered to each fundi who sets about to create a beautiful one of a kind skirt. Elegantly constructed from fabrics available in only extremely limited quantities, each piece will vary slightly in appearance for a unique look.  Our skirts are as individual and as special as the woman who wears it. 

Infuse your personal style and play with wearing it high waisted or low, depending on your preference. 

This skirt is 100% cotton and has a sparkle detail. It is stiffer in feel which creates a more formal look and preserves the lines of the design. 

Handle with love. 


*Due to the nature of the 'Wrap" skirt, it is one size fits many.  It should comfortably fit most women from size 00 to 14. 

Model is 5'10" and a size 2. 

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